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Zsákai Péter on 16.09.2014, budapest, hungary
remélem folytatod még a fotóblogolást. örülnék. (én is kihagytam ...

L'Angevine on 29.11.2014, budapest, hungary
superbe ces personnages

AMIR BABA on 29.11.2014, budapest, hungary

Aubélia on 29.11.2014, budapest, hungary

L'Angevine on 16.09.2014, budapest, hungary
oh superbe

omid on 16.09.2014, budapest, hungary
wooooooooow! very nice shot! such beautiful frame & lighting! Amazing shadows!

L'Angevine on 08.08.2014, nagyharsány, hungary
oh génial

omid on 08.08.2014, nagyharsány, hungary
woooooow! very nice shot with beautiful composition & lighting! Amazing silhouette!

Helodie on 08.08.2014, nagyharsány, hungary
Perfedt composition with this silhouette !

L'Angevine on 08.08.2014, nagyharsány, hungary
oh génial

Emilie on 02.06.2011, thomastown, ireland
It was such a great time i miss it !!!

Rafik on 23.04.2011, clonmel, ireland
great one dear Friend

Helodie on 23.01.2014, budapest, hungary
Wonderful composition with this shadow !

L'angevine on 23.01.2014, budapest, hungary
oh intéressants ces détails

Basile Pesso on 23.01.2014, budapest, hungary
Excellent...hi :-)

morgan on 23.01.2014, budapest, hungary
Fantastic and inspiring. Love your work.

Josh on 23.01.2014, budapest, hungary
there is something haunting about this one

Basile Pesso on 21.12.2013, kanizsa/kanjiza, serbia
I hope to see it spotlighted.

L'angevine on 21.12.2013, kanizsa/kanjiza, serbia
oh que j'adore

omid on 21.12.2013, kanizsa/kanjiza, serbia
W O N D E R F U L !

Roléro-T on 21.12.2013, kanizsa/kanjiza, serbia
Excellent !

Basile Pesso on 21.12.2013, kanizsa/kanjiza, serbia
Another cinematic wonder, kind of Nosferatu-like...

Adrian Milv on 21.12.2013, kanizsa/kanjiza, serbia

Dana on 23.12.2013, kanjiza/kanizsa, serbia

l'angevine on 23.12.2013, kanjiza/kanizsa, serbia
intéressant cadrage

Basile Pesso on 23.12.2013, kanjiza/kanizsa, serbia
I'm always glad to see you post here and I wish you'd do it more often. This picture is superb with the frame ...

Basile Pesso on 21.09.2013, budapest, hungary
Very good contrast with the simple children's activity stuck to the hard pavement life.

Gérard Beullac on 21.09.2013, budapest, hungary
Stunning one.

Bruno F on 14.09.2013, budapest, hungary
Fantastic reflection !! ***** Nice work !

Aubélia on 14.09.2013, budapest, hungary
It's a beautiful effect. Have a nice day.

Gérard Beullac on 14.09.2013, budapest, hungary
Superb. In/Out moods are very strong.

amirbaba on Mankind No. 3
good idea

Gérard Beullac on Mankind No. 3
Congratulations and also for this creative announcement !

farNaaz on Mankind No. 3
Bravo . A bright idea .

Basile Pesso on 14.09.2013, budapest, hungary
I love this austere composition, and I agree with Helodie about my picture. What is stunning is that I just had put the ...

Helodie on 14.09.2013, budapest, hungary
Perfect composition, I love it ! It makes me think of this one

Olivier P on 14.09.2013, budapest, hungary
Love this shot, graphic and esthetic ! Great catch !!!

@Look on 13.09.2012, budapest, hungary
Very well seen and well done ! Kind regards Jean

@Look on pancs
So much in this look !! Very good framing ! Kind regards Jean

omid on 14.07.2013, split, croatia
woooooooooooooooooooooooooow! very nice!!!! so beautiful composition! A M A Z I N G !!!!

Marie-Line on 14.07.2013, split, croatia

Olivier P on 14.07.2013, split, croatia
So beautiful !!!Great catch, very nice shot ! well done !

Basile Pesso on 14.07.2013, split, croatia
Remarkable and striking catch, that can stay in the photographic memory. Really. Something of Kertész that you ...

Ludovic Roudet on 14.07.2013, split, croatia
Superb backlit composition ! The position of the jumping kid is splendid.

Gérard Beullac on 14.07.2013, split, croatia
Absolutely excellent ! All is great here. Bravo !

Helodie on 14.07.2013, split, croatia
Wonderful !

Basile Pesso on 11.07.2013, budapest, hungary

omid on 11.07.2013, budapest, hungary
woooooow! very nice & wonderful!!!!! so so beautiful lights & shadows!

Gérard Beullac on 11.07.2013, budapest, hungary
Simple but works perfectly.

CLODO on 11.07.2013, budapest, hungary
Well taken and congratulations for the 180) rotation, leading to a strange but really interesting picture.

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